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Baking with lasers!

My niece inspecting the quality of one of my cats rolling pin

My niece inspecting the quality of one of my cats rolling pin

I really madly enjoy baking cakes, cookies,birthday cakes... but decorating is a whole different thing. I never really managed to make my pastries look fun and delicious without spending the whole weekend on it.

I believe that every little necessity can begin a new project and an extraordinary product!

Just imagine if, in literally one second, you could decorate a birthday cake with your kid's favourite pattern! 

When I started exploring the possibilities of my laser engraver (not only boys can play with lasers!) , I found out that I could engrave wooden rolling pins with patterns ! The few existing ones were plastic cheap stuff from chinese makers.
So it was decided! I would try making quality, good-looking, wooden rolling pins engraved with fun patterns!

And so it all started with my niece birthday, she is absolutely nuts about cats! I knew without any hesitations what would be the first pattern I would make.

I spent a great amount of time engraving, testing, baking and baking and testing and baking again to fine-tune the process and the designs to finally share with you all the patterns I imagined till today. I keep adding new patterns for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Spring, Valentines or a forest day.

I  put all my heart into every little detail of my products, from the triangular packaging and the experience opening the package (don't we all love opening gifts?) to the cooking tips on the paper wrapping the delicious, homemade cookies, that come with every rolling pin.  It is a great gift for mother, sister, brother, friend, mother in law and everyone who bakes, but not only :)

I'm constantly searching for new inspiration and always open for any suggestions!